A fast crochet project to occupy a weekend or a couple of hours depending on how fast you can crochet.

This is a quick project that I came up with after not being able to find my scarf from last winter. I do not want to give myself an excuse not to go out for a walk (while being mindful of government restrictions) during lockdown here in Ireland. Its been a fairly mild winter here up untill the last week or 2 and now its time to get the woolies out of the cupboard.

You would think I’d be sick of crocheting cables at this point but Im on a roll now. The cable cowl is really quite easy to make and works up really quickly. Its based on the cable pattern of a square from the Celtic Comfort Blanket that I previously made. I just loved the pattern so much I had to use it. The beauty to the changes I have made to the pattern is there is no holes to the back or wrong side of the scarf. That usually happens when crocheting cables and I used a similar tecnique when making the blanket as I didn’t want to have to put a lining on the back of it.

I happened to have some Tivoli Fusions Aran yarn left in my yarn stash so I used that to crochet the cowl. You can use any Aran weight yarn that you like once it is soft and does not irritate your skin. This cowl is made quite wide as well as I wanted to be able to pull it up around my ears if necessary on a really cold/windy day without ending up exposing the lower neck. However the pattern is really easily adjusted to compensate for any width you want to make.

I would also like to make it known that I have never written a pattern before….. well at least not one that has to be understood by anyone but myself and even I struggle at times. Ive tried to simplify it enough that it is suitable for beginners and included some photos to help but maybe I have just made it more complicated. Your feed back on this would be very appreciated.

To make this pattern you will need:

200g Aran yarn of your choice. I used Tivoli Fusions because it was in my stash.

6mm Hook.

Wool Needle to finish off ends.

Stitch markers.

Please note that this pattern is in UK crochet terms.


Ch = Chain

Dc = Double crochet

Tr = Treble Crochet

Rttc = Relief triple treble crochet:- work 1 Triple treble crochet around the treble crochet of the foundation row. It is important not to work in the loop but AROUND the Tr or Rttc itself. However on every row required after the RTTC is worked around the RTTC from the previous row.

To Start:

Chain 33 (this includes 3 Chain stitches to turn with)

Foundation Row:

Turn and work 1 Tr in the 4th chain form the hook. Turning chain counts as 1 Tr unless otherwise stated. Work 1 Tr into each chain stitch to the end of the row. (31)

Row 2: Chain 1 and turn. 1 Dc in to each of the previous trebles to the end of the row. (31)

Row 3: Chain 3 and turn. 1 Tr in to each of the next 3 stitches then (*Work 1 Tr until there is just 2 loops on the hook , with the last 2 loops still on the hook work a RTTC around the 7th treble of the foundation row finishing with on loop on the hook*, 1 Tr in to the next stitch and repeat *to* **working the RTTC around the 4th Tr away from last RTTC made, 1 Tr, repeat *to* working the RTTC around the 2nd Tr away from last RTTC made**) repeat pattern in brackets 5 more times accross, 1 Tr in to the last 4 stitches. Ch 1 and turn. (31)

Row 4: 1 Dc in to each stitch to end, Ch3 and turn.(31)

Row 5: 1 Tr in to the next stitch. (*Work 1 Tr until there is just 2 loops on the hook, with the 2 loops on the hook work and RTTC around the first RTTC done on Row 3, finishing with one loop on the hook* 1 tr in to the next stitch, repeat *to * working the RTTC around the 3rd Tr of row 3, 1 Tr, Repeat *to* working RTTC around the 3rd RTTC from row 3, 1 Tr, repeat *to* working RTTC around the 2nd RTTC from row 3) repeat the pattern in brackets accross 5 more times, 1 tr in each for the next 2 stitches. (31)

Repeat rows 2- 5 until your work reaches 26 inches or the length you require.

Right side
Wrong side

To finish: slip stitch or sew your seams with right sides facing together.

Congratulations!! You managed to decipher my very first crochet pattern and you have just finish your Crochet Cable Cowl and are ready to venture out and explore winter while being toasty warm.

Again feed back on this pattern is most appreciated. If I have made mistakes or I have made it indecipherable then I would like to be able to change them.