This story begins last week. There was a victorian pattern drafting instruction that had me baffled for some time that I had finally figured out. This ment it was time to get creating. Or I could just put it on the long finger for a bit and make the Christmas tree decorations that I have always been threatening to make. Yes, procrastination won.

A happy accident

As I was trying to make my christmas gingerbread decoration there was an hilarious accident. This was due in part to a poor colour choice on my behalf, as well as lacking in handsewing finesse. My cute little gingerbread man turned out to be more of a Gingerbread Zombie.

Gingerbread Zombie

My son, however, loved it. He wanted me to make a halloween cat to keep it company. Procrastination won out…… again and I made Gingerbread Zombie his life long companion.

Gingerbread Zombie & Halloween Cat

After this my son and I decided that Gingerbread Zombie and Halloween Cat would be hungry. We had to prevent the Gingerbread Zombie using his now new life long furry companion as dinner. A poll was taken and the votes were counted. A christmas pudding became the order of the day. Procrastination was the winner again and Christmas pudding was made.

Now, Gingerbread Zombie and Halloween cat are well fed with Christmas pudding. My son decided that they might like to play in the snow. He requested that I should make a snowflake. Now at this point, Procrastination offically rocked up to my house. It is now sitting on my couch drinking tea, eating all the biscuits and flicking through the movie channels. The christmas snowflake was created.

Now I have a Gingerbread Zombie and Halloween cat full up of Christmas pudding and snow to play with. Making all these had all been fun but it was time to ask procratination to leave. I have alot of work to do. Oh how Procratination laughed then made another cup of tea.

Me…….. I am currently making a snowman.

How are they made?

Well first off, I have the rabbit hole that is Pintrest to thank. This site has given me the ideas for making my christmas tree decorations. There are millions of ideas and links for just these alone. Everything I have used to make these decorations has been from my stash. All items that I have had for ages that I wanted to use up.

You will need:
  • Coloured felt sheets to make the body of decorations.
  • Stencils. I used Cookie cutters that I have as templates, my free hand drawing skills are not up to scratch.
  • Pen, pencil or marker to make the outline on the felt for cutting.
  • Thread for sewing. I used polyester thread that I have a box full of.
  • Beads for decoration. I have from a jewlery making kit that I got about 6 years ago and never used.
  • Toy stuffing, again from my stash.
  • Bias tape, Cord or ribbon.

I am guilty of holding on to everything from bits of ribbons from wrappings to my fabric cut offs. If your in any way crafty you will find a use for all these things and if you don’t pintrest will definitely give you suggestions.