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While it may seem that I have disappeared entirely I can assure you that I am still alive and kicking. With the amazing start to summer that we have been getting here in Ireland I have been spending alot of time outside with the little man making our own veg garden. It has been alot of fun for us both as well as alot of trial and error growing foods that I have never grown before. However, we are currently going through some wet weather and I have taken to the house again and back to my crochet.

This crochet project was started roughly about 6 months plus ago. Its a beautiful cable blanket pattern that I found and made up of 20 squares in 5 different cable square patterns. One of the patterns was getting the best of me, I frogged it about seven times, when I finally cursed it in to the abandoned projects corner. It has been giving me the evil eye since so I broke it out again deciding to try again. The current weather is encouraging me to be toasty warm this winter.

While myself and the ominous square pattern came to an understanding, The understanding being Im a twit and wasn’t focusing on the pattern chart properly the first 7 times. I am now currently on my 3rd row of squares and its at this moment I decide Im not content with the size it will be. I want to make it large enough to fit my bed instead. Typical me to make tweaks while mid way through a project. Please feel free to *Insert your favorite eye roll gif here*

The original pattern calls for Drops Yarn that I was not able to get locally. I always try to support my local yarn and craft stores when possible. Its more important now than it ever has been to support your local businesses.

I am using Stylecraft Special Aran Shade: Parchment. Now that Ive been able to see what it will look like laid out I want to introduce some colour to break up the Parchement shade. Im not quite sure what color I will add in at the moment but white is the only colour that I can see working that I actually like but that is most probably going to change. Also to get it the size I want I will be making double the amount of squares. 20 in Parchment and 20 in White. When putting the squares together I will alternate the colours while keeping to the pattern layout.

Its all working in my head however as is tradition when I go rogue it could all go horribly wrong and very quickly get cursed into the abandoned projects again untill I decide to either reuse the yarn or try again with a bit more planning.

Ill keep you posted!!

Have you made this pattern before? If so I would love to see your work and if you made any changes as well.

If you would like to give this project a go you will find the Free printable pattern for the Celtic Comfort Blanket here.

Best of luck and don’t forget to show off your hard work.