Routines are finally settled into the lockdown here in Ireland and now I have a bit more downtime on my hands. I have been taking the opportunity to do some experimentation and learn some new crochet skills. Teaching myself the crochet skills you would normally learn on day three of learning how to crochet. I had learned to crochet by myself year ago. This was long before I had access to the greatest learning tool in the world, YouTube. I am still getting my head around actually using this brilliant resource. It is helping me fill in so many holes in my crochet knowledge


Encouraged after making 2 amigurumi Frontline Hero Bears I decided it was time to learn how do these properly. In particular I needed to learn how to embroider the faces properly. Also to learn how to finish off the threads so that they didn’t unravel. Safety eyes are a great resource for toy making and I can not fault their usefulness in crafts. However, they just don’t have the same effect that an embroidered eye has. An embroidered eye can give the doll so much personality.

Tutorials & Patterns

After going through a gazillon videos on youtube, most of the best ones were in Russian. Note to self: learn Russian! I eventually stumbled across one channel that I found really interesting and helpful. Kindabam crochet is a you tube channel of woman based in Australia. While she hasn’t got alot of videos posted yet her video content is extremely educational and definitely worth checking out. I learned alot in just 20 mins of one of her videos.

I bought myself a generic doll pattern from Etsy store Egyptian Crafter Shop. If you are a beginner with amigurumi dolls then its a pattern worth purchasing. It was a very enjoyable make. It was also my first time working with wire so that was a fun experience. I did have to make some pattern adjustments. When it came to making the knees also when it came to adding on the arms. However, it was in no way difficult to do this. I made mine in Double knit. It was all I have in my stash at the moment. I figured I had a better chance with a larger doll than a smaller one.

Progress Photo Montage

Of course I, as is tradition, took way too many photos of my progress. It was just awesome to see it all coming together. My husband, who knows very little about crochet, was even impressed with the shaping details worked into the legs. I personally loved that I didn’t have to sew any of the limbs on to the body. Its something that always put me off making doll and teddy patterns. The particular pattern that I have used is all crocheted as one piece.

The doll is finished. Now I just need to take some time to figure out what I am going to do with him. I have been learning embroidery facial features so I want to give that technique a try. Now all I that is left to do is give this doll life and a personality. Stay tuned!

Who are your favourite amigurumi youtubers?

Are you learning new skills during lockdown? Are you refining old skills? Or are you just taking the opportunity to have some rest and relaxation?