I was tagged Friday night by a friend in a post on a facebook page was offering out a free pattern for this Front Line Hero Bear. We are all living through a really strange time right now that I welcomed the distraction and immediately raided my stash.

It was such an enjoyable make and its been a while since I did anything in amigurumi so my skills were a bit (a lot) rusty. One of the mistakes that I do seem to make alot when reading a pattern though is actually not reading it properly or finding myself distracted and miss reading or even just plain missing part of the pattern. Its something I have to work on.

However, I did learn about the invisible decrease stitch, OMG! what a game changer! Instead of doing a normal double crochet decrease, where you insert into the next two stitches as normal with the invisible decrease you hook the front loop only of the next stitch, then the next stitch (don’t yarn over) and finishing it off as a normal double crochet stitch. I would only use the invisible decrease when doing amigurumi as I have been told that it doesn’t work on flat crochet pieces.

It was nice even to make something that in our own way ( the crochet and knitting community) shows our appreciation for the real heath workers that are putting themselves in harms way every day and its not just the health workers its all the essential workers. People who are working in the supermarkets and in small local shops, the people that are collecting our bins, the staff in the pharmacies, the staff in the doctors offices, the delivery truck drivers, the postal staff. Its all the people we didn’t even think twice about on a normal day.

Thank you X

Pattern for the Frontline Hero Bear by Aixan Legasto from Yarn it, Darn it! can be found here.