Crochet weave cables

I am so over the moon to have found a crochet cabling book! While I love knit cables, I unfortunately can’t knit. I also love the intricate celtic designs so being able to combine the two with crochet is just heaven. My history with cables goes back to the 1980’s in a small irish village where I was raised.

My Amazing Mum

Times were tough in Ireland during the 1980’s. Mum stayed at home to look after my sister and I. Mean while my dad drove the length and bredth of the country to put food on the table. Working 15 hour days driving trucks in to Northern Ireland while supporting a wife and two small children wasn’t enough. Honestly I don’t even think it is today either, however I digress. My mother found her own way to help keep a roof over our heads and food in our bellies. She hand knit.

1980 Aran Jumper
1980s Aran jumper knitting pattern

She hand knit specifically aran jumpers that were commissioned by wool shops and were then sold to tourists. Its was tough going but she managed it. At some points it was the only source of income in our home. There were plenty of knit cables and bobbles. I still remember the big old brown buttons that she would sew into the cardigans. There may even be some still floating around the house some where. I believe mum would be able to knit an aran jumper today just from memory alone she made so many of them. One thing is for sure they don’t make aran jumpers like they used to any more.

The dark day

So while I come from at least two generations of knitters, that I know of. It was a dark day when I discovered that the gift of creating things with knitting needles was just not something I could do. No matter how hard I tried. I would never be able to make my own aran jumpers. Apparently with crochet you cabling just wasn’t something you could do.

Guess what I found

Enter Bonnie Barkers book Celtic Cable crochet. I couldn’t believe it I was looking at a book that had aran crochet cables. I could finally learn to make my own aran jumpers and I have got to say Bonnies book does not disappoint. What has disappointed me is the fact that I can’t get my hands on any wool! Such a first world problem at the moment, right. Im safe at home with my family on lockdown from the covid19 virus going on 5 weeks now. I finally have the book Ive been looking for to make my own cable cardigans and jumpers and I can’t get wool. Typical!

However, this does give me the opportunity to clear some things on my craft schedule so that when lockdown is over and my local wool shop is open again that I can buy the shop out much to my husband and sons dismay and get cracking at my cabling.