Its a very exciting day in our house today. We are celebrating our first world book day in school. As a fellow book lover world book day is probably one of my favourite days. I love looking at all the photos that parents post of their kids dressed up in their favorite book characters. Its even better when the adults get in on the act as well like in our local primary school the principal dressed up as Miss Trunchbull from Roald Dahl’s Matilda.

When I sat down with my son to talk about world book day and to ask him what his favorite book was he was adament that he was going to get dressed up as The Gruffalo from the childrens book written by Julia Donaldson and nothing was going to change his mind.

Hoping to get the lazy way out of it I immediately went online to try and find a Gruffalo costume to buy but as fate should have it they were all sold out. Queue panic stations. I only had a couple days to figure out what I was going to do. Naturally I found myself in my local craft shop  The Crafty Bride. Its the only place to go to for inspiration in all things craft related and inspired I was. For the low cost of just €12.00 I picked up the following:

2 balls of chunky brown woolimg_20200229_150003_124

1 sheet of purple felt

1 pack of white felt

1 Adults XS brown tshirt (Dealz)

1 loose weave hat (Dealz)

I already have an endless supply of threads at home so I didn’t have to buy these.

I did a quick Google search for costume photos for inspiration there were millions of ideas ranging from the most basic/beginner up to expert level. 

  • The wig was made by threading and knotting chunky wool into a hat with the help of a crochet hook. If you happen to get your hands on a rug making hook even better.
  • The horns are made with white felt. they have been stuffed with cushion stuffing and sewn on.
  • A green poisonous wart was also added upon request of the little man made the same way as the horns.
  • Using a brown t-shirt I cut out purple felt triangles and sewed them on to the back.
    The front is a large square of white felt and I used a black marker for the writing and again sewn on.

I didn’t follow a pattern. I just made it all up as I went along with Calebs help. He told me the things that were important to him to be on the costume which were the purple prickles down his back and the green poisonous wart at the end of his nose.  Masks are not encouraged in my sons preschool as it is in the same building as a creche and would be upsetting for the babies and toddlers that go there so we improvised by attaching the green wart to the hat. 

Im not a fan of fabric glue so Ive sewn every thing on. Yes it takes longer but when it comes to kids its better. Things don’t come off as easy and you can stick it in the wash with out worrying that everything will come off. I also find my hand sewing improves more when I do projects like this

Our Gruffalo costume is not going to win any awards at the Oscars but my little monster was proud as punch showing off the homemade costume he helped me design.