Rebecca's Blanket
Lady Knits Original Design

Living in Ireland cosy winter blankets are just a must have in any house. I was hit with inspiration when I spied this beautiful knit winter blanket design. Made by my friend Rebecca, also know as Lady Knit on instagram. Rebecca’s blanket was knit in scarf like lengths while alternating the colour blocks. Her finished piece was a blanket large enough to fit a double bed. The photo above doesn’t show the beautiful richness of the colours together.

Bad planning

I absolutely fell in love with the finished design and jumped head first into making my own version of it with absolutely zero planning. Biggest mistake ever. My wool is from the ‘So Crafty’ double knit brand purchased in Aldi. The colours I chose to use, are Pink, Grey and cream. Its a project I definitely didn’t plan out very well at all.

  1. I have no idea if I have enough yarn to make the blanket and will never be able to get more if I didn’t.
  2. There is no pattern to follow, I just winged it and never sketched a lay out design.
  3. To be honest I was happy to be starting yet another project.
  4. I wanted to buy more yarn.

However, I did make the executive decsion to crochet in squares. I managed to make 9 and a half of them before putting it back into the project bag. Bordom is one of the biggest causes of unfinished objects in my house. It is a constant battle to get large projcets that become monotonous finished.

I would love to hear if you have had any disasters jumping head first into projects without any proper planning. How did they turn out for you? Are they still buried in the back of a cupboard?