This was another pattern saved for me from a magazine by one of the many people in my life that know I am a craftaholic. I do not unfortunately know who this pattern should be credited to. Should any one know please contact me so that I can credit them appropriately.

Raspberry Ripple

Some Assembly Required

When I started this pattern I made two bears. I really enjoyed making all the pieces the pattern was just so straight forward to follow…. However…. Putting them together wasn’t so much fun though. I only ended up completing one bear affectionately known as Raspberry Ripple.

Raspberrry Ripple went off to a new home but alas Sir Grey Swirl wasn’t so lucky. I found sewing the bears together such a hassle that Sir Grey Swirl is still in pieces today….. Almost 3 years later. I still have to crochet a couple of his details but mostly I need to stuff and sew him together. Does anyone else feel a bit like Dr Frankenstein when they are making toys? …. No…. Must be just me then.

Sir Grey Swirl wasn’t so lucky.

As you can see the original pattern stuck to more traditional bear colours but at the time I was making these I found the most adorable gradient Rico yarn. Im sure all yarn addicts will know that familiar feeling of not being able to leave the yarn behind and justifying it by saying “Ah sure it was on sale. I couldn’t leave it there for that price”. Not sure if it was the best working yarn for the project but it did work up really well, so soft to touch and on sale!

This project will be updated regularly over the course of my 2020 Craft challenge. If you have previously made this pattern or are currently making it I would love to hear your own feed back on it as well as see your make.