Kells Design House

A beginners account of historical costuming and other textile pursuits

Kells Design House

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15 years of yarn addiciton allows me to make beautiful pieces that help to make people smile. Thankfully it has no signs of stopping any time soon. In addtion to crochet I also make cross stitch pictures and sew.

I am self taught in everything with alot more left to learn. This blog is my outlet to share my learning process.


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Contact me

You can contact me or register for a commission through the form on this page.

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My Blog

You can read about my adventures in historical fashions, crochet and other textile related topics here.

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The Gallery

You can view photos of all my previous work and commissions here.

Spencer in the Chertsey Museum collection

Historical Fashions

I have recently discovered the amazing world of historical fashions. It has been an eye opener as to how much time and detail that went into making these beautiful pieces of clothing by hand. I hope to learn to replicate these processes in the most historically adequate way possible.

Spencer in the Chertsey Museum collection

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